In 1980, our company was set off with the idea of food production, local drinks as we began to produce turnip juice in Mersin. Healthy drink this cup as the first retail sale in Mersin presented to the people. Our company principles of commercial ethics, quality products and customer satisfaction to self-rule, the first feature with the branch, 1993 Turnip GIDA INS. SAN. VE TIC. LTD. STI. was named to the HUMAN SERVICES as a family company with the philosophy has continued on its way. Our company, our local drinking juice of turnip with the name and emblem of the brand TURNIB Turkey and the world market by offering simply became a world brand.


Adopting the principles of high quality production understanding, customer satisfaction and commercial ethics attained though 31 years of experiences, our company has gone through large investments in order to be capable to manufacture products with international standarts in food manufactoring which directly concerns the human health. With the highly trained brainpower and equities of the company which is determined to invest so it can provide better services in Turkey and worldwide, the company has  constructed its new facilities at Mersin - Tarsus Organized Industrial Zone on a land with an area of 20.000 sq. meters. Our TURNIB brand products are under our company's ultimate warranty from the moment of their manufacturing until they get the final satisfaction of the end consumer to secure the required reliability. In the name of my company and staff, I Mustafa BALIKCI would take this opportunity to salute and give my love and best wishes for peace and happiness to all world people specially to you our considerable customers.


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